A Few Favorite Books Read or Reading

Events and speaking Enagements

 Book Release Reception, Celebrating the release of Michael Dobsons first book

The Dream Foundation

Call for peace and Justice Summit in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King jr, Birthday- January 15, 2018arch 3, 2017 - Press event

April 26-28, 2018- Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo, Celebrating FREPA's 11 year Anniversary

April 18, 2018- Michael Dobson, speaks on Renewable Energy Policy

October 1, 2018- As Director of Saint Pauls United Methodist Church Jail and Pison Ministry in Tallahassee Florida, will host " Community Education on Amendment 4" 

More Events To Be Announced

November 7-9- Michael Dobson, as President of Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association,  will be a speaker and panelist at Southeastern Renewable Energy Summit-Atlanta Georgia

August 16, 2018-Tampa Bay Community Education on Amendment 4 ( Florida's Restoration of Voting Rights Amendment) - Organized by Michael Dobson as Chair of Florida Voters Campaign. To be held at : New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Tampa

 TBA- Michael Dobson to speak  as Chairman of Florida Voters Campaign- Subject key legislation to watch and restoration of voting rightsl Dobson, speaks on Renewable Energy Policy