About Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson is a third generation Floridian, born in Mulbery Florida and is a long time Tallahassee based lobbyist, political consultant, businessman  and writer.  Michael and his family live in Killearn Estates, a Tallahassee suburban neighborhood.  

Michael was born in MulberryFlorida, but his  early years were mostly spent in Bartow Florida, which is wre he went to grade school and highschool accept for when he lived in New Jersey. Those years were spent  between Bartow Florida, and Elizabeth New Jersey. It was in Elizabeth New Jersey, where his mother first introduced him to the United Methodist Church, which he is a member of that church today. Michael is currently an active  member of  St. Paul United Methodist Church of Tallahassee,along with his wife and kids,  where he sings in the church choir. As mentioned, Michael is a graduate of Bartow Senior High School (Bartow, Florida). There, he was a starting running back for the Bartow Yellow Jackets, a starting guard on the basketball team ,  a member of the track team,  a member of the school chorus, in the Army ROTC and  was a member of the Student Council.

Additionally, Michael became a young father upon the birth of his daughter Sameya Porter Dobson (now Sameya Roundtree, First  Lady of New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa). Upon graduating from Bartow Senior High , Michael was awarded a scholarship  to attend Bethune Cookman College, a United Methodist Church Institution. After graduating with a Bachelors degree from Bethune Cookman College, Michael moved to San Diego California (Poway, Rancho Bernardo) , where he got involved with his first political campaign as a volunteer.

As his father was a close confidant to Republican Gubernatorial candidate George Dukemajin, Michael  did volunteer work for that successful campaign. After eventually returning to Florida to live in Gainesville,  Michael worked as a retail chain manager,  then as a   Rehabilitation Therapist for Sunland Training Center of Gainesville (a State of Florida entity) , and later as a Claims Adjuster for State Farm Insurance, which began his business career as an insurance professional and later executive. Employment with State Farm took him to Tampa Florida, where he  later became President of Claimpro Insurance of Tampa. During those years between 1982 and 1989 Michael did volunteer work for his local political party, in both Alachua and Hillsborough counties.  In 1989 Michael got accepted into graduate School to attended the Florida A&M University's School of Business  and Industry, where he received his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) training. He continued to enage in local politics.   

Shortly upon leaving graduate school, focused on making a career change, after a temporarily stint  in retail,  Michael found work   in the Florida House of Representatives,  landing  in the office of State Representative Janegayle Boyd. During this period, Michael met Cynthia (Cyndi) Craig, a native of Des Plaines Illinois. His stint with the legislature  led to him being the Communications Director of the Federation of Physicians and Dentist ( an AFL-CIO affiliate). In the mid 1990s, Michael founded "Dobson, Craig and Associates" (DCA) as a sole proprietorship. He was also the secretary/treasure of the Florida Young Democrats statewide organization.  DCA's growth   continued as Michael also worked as the legislative coordinator for Florida Impact. In 1998, Michael celebrated the birth of his son Noah Michael Craig Dobson.   Michael Dobson was a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives in 1999, for a year 2000 open seat, as a first time candidate, ending with an impressive showing receiving the endorsements of the Florida Chamber of Commerce  as well as the AFL-CIO, which was unheard of at the time.

Dobson, Craig and Associates political consulting business continue to grow as did its lobbying business as well. DCA also added association mantement to its service offering as it took the reigns of the Florida Assoctaion of Food banks, who had never posessed more than $10,000 in its bank account,  and in 5 years increased its annual budget to $500,000, and set up the funding infrastructure that now allows it  to have an annual budget of 1 million annually today. In 2000, Michaels  daughter Mikaela Jaray Dobson was born. During this period, the firm Dobson, Craig and Associates continued to grow and became a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Michael has been the primary consultant in a host of political campaigns.. local government, legislative, gubernatorial, cabinet officers and congressional races. Consequently, Michael has traveled the State of Florida and worked campaigns in every region of the state.  

Michael became  a  grandparent as Michaels eldest daughter "Sameya" gave birth to Marra Jarrai Earl and later a grandson "Tyre". Today, Michael has five grandkids. Sameya is  married to Larry Roundtree. In the intervening years, in addtional to his political consulting and his being often sought out for a newspaper quotes pertaining to state politics or policy, Michael became a prolific editorial writer, published in most major Florida newspapers and some nationally. in 2019 Michael became involved with the Florida Commitee of the Poor People's Campaign, a that  the Dream Foundation, which Micael oversees... became its fiscal sponsor. 

In 2007, Michael founded the "Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association (FREPA)", in addition to other ventures. and in 2016 founded  "Talking Florida Politics", all as Dobson Craig and Associates (aka Dobson and Associates) continued to grow. Mr. Dobson is driven by the core values that define his priorities, which are his  faith, and his family... to mean children,grandchildren and the grandchildren that he will never know. He believes that no matter the politics, the race, the religion, the culture or where we exist in the world; we  have more in common than what are our differences. It is his core belief that we all, no matter where we are in the world,  want our children to be happy, healthy and have better opportunities than we have.

These beliefs has led Michael to take on the  mission of his life, that is to make sure that Floridians who pay taxes, who have made a mistake and paid their debts to society can be heard and counted at the voting booth. To Make sure  that the restoration of their rights to vote become a reality, with the ballot initaitive currently seeking placement on the 2018 general election ballot. Simultaneously, Michael works (via The Florida Voters campaign) to support current and future leaders of the legislative and executive branches of Florida government who believe that every taxpayer should be allowed to vote, and that when citizens voice their opinions at the polls, their will is excercised by policymakers.  With his over 20 years of expertience as a prolific fundraiserr and political strategits, Chairing the Florida Voters Campaign PAC, Michael and his team is focued on acquiring the donations needed  for cost associated with petition gathering and supporting campaigns or organizqtions that make a differce for the movement. Additionally, he is currently writing his first book to now be published in the late summer of 2020.